Monday, October 7, 2019

Personal Health Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Personal Health Assessment - Essay Example In addition to these physical activities, I have a great interest in music. I have an interest in piano and play on occasion. I also DJ when opportunities become available. I have a series of goals. I would like to first complete my Bachelor of Science Degree. I would then like to become an elementary school teacher, and ultimately ensure that I am physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. My score for the self-care and safety category is an 82. This was not surprising as I make the best effort to avoid alcohol and am completely drug free. I also feel that self-care and safety are aspects that are integrated into one’s daily life choices, including physical activity, risk taking activities, and even hygiene. I ultimately realize that even as I pay considerable attention to this aspect of my life, there are some aspects of it that I could still improve, such as ensuring that I receive adequate sleep, exercise, and always maintain a proper diet. My environmental wellness score of 62 constitutes my lowest score out of the wellness categories. I recognize that I have much room for improvement in this category, and plan on making a more conscientious effort to improve my conduct in this category. I realize that I can improve by recycling more, and just making a better general effort to observe my interaction with my environmental surroundings. My social awareness score is 74. While I believe I have adequate social wellness, I recognize that there are areas of my life that I could improve upon in this category. In these regards I must make a more concerted effort to balance my social life with my work and educational responsibilities. I also need to work on developing better boundaries in my personal relationships. My emotional awareness and sexuality score is 92. I understand this as a high and healthy score and see this reflected in my

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