Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Disease and health Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Disease and health - Case Study Example This paper, therefore examines certain aspects and issues in sexually transmitted diseases by trying answer the question on the extent sexual contact has played in the spread of STDs by looking at the keys issues affecting the topic, possible future scenarios and offering various interventions measures that can be applied in solving the issues (Shoquist & Stafford, 2004). Sexually transmitted diseases remain the most dangerous and prevalent health issues affecting many individuals especially youths in our society today. The society has taken a large stance in promoting abstinence in key issues related to sexual activities in the society. The results has however been drastic because the failure of explaining issues on the topic of sex has led to key issues which contributes to the spread of the sexually transmitted diseases among youths and the society at large. This has been caused as result of the sensitive nature of the topic as many individuals engage in sexual activities therefore finding it difficult to openly discuss the topic amongst themselves and to the younger generations in particular (Greenwood, 2012). The different issues affecting the spread of sexually transmitted diseases are biological factors. STDs are known to be acquired by having unprotected sex with an infected partners and due to the fact that majority of STDs do not show symptoms at early stage, many of those who are infected can not tell that they need medical treatment. Moreover for those who are not infected it becomes extremely difficult to identify those with the infections. In relating to the issue of gender disparities, women constitute a large percentage of those suffering from complex sexually transmitted diseases than men. This is normally so because of the severity of the effects of STDs on them. Likewise, in relating to age disparity issue, youths are the ones prone to contact sexually disease more than adults because of the numerous sexually partners they have. In

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