Thursday, October 10, 2019

God-given attributes Essay

The 19th century held some of the very best traditions and practices the United States had. Yet, some of them today are not existent anymore due to the fact that the concept of the â€Å"American Dream† is slowly fading from the recesses of our very consciousness. If we are to examine the art of the late 19th century, we can observe that the paintings project an old fashioned way of American life, where people do what is right and honorable; a peaceful way of life. It is a life full of hopes and dreams that the American people will work and progress further together into the future. Each individual, as a free man, can do what he can with his God-given attributes. The concept of the â€Å"American Dream† has changed so much to the extent that the perception nowadays is that financial stability is the gauge of living this dream. Working parents are always scampering out of their homes in search of monetary gain, leaving their kids behind to care for themselves. This effectuates circumstances of broken homes, where children are neglected and not taught the honest ways of life; thus, they grow as individuals lacking good character traits. This eventually leads to the erosion of the American society; the breaking down of the social structure based on the â€Å"American Dream† concept. If we are to retain the things that make us good Americans, then we have to compromise with ourselves and with our fellow man for the benefit of everybody. Development is not at all bad; yet, we have to integrate some of the fine old-fashioned ways of the 19th century with that of the present in order to alleviate the effects brought upon by some of the destructive ways of present living.

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