Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Mini-report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mini-report - Research Paper Example The book has two central issues: the first argues whether Plato’s good morals are centered on individual humans or quasi-morals, the second issue is a discussion on what is good to them. The form of good in the republic is evaluated by different top philosophers and classicists. The book acts as an introduction to Plato’s philosophy thus equipping today’s students efficiently both in interpreting controversial issues and adding their ethical backgrounds. Terry has really worked hard in illustrating the admirable qualities in the republic of Plato. This is a result of her proficiency in writing; she’s the professor of philosophy in Wisconsin university together with the other authors. George Anastaplo, a scholar explains in this book how one can read and at the same tie enjoy texts from ancient authors. He illustrates how these great artists thought and discussed among themselves to come up with solutions of their time. In the book, the author does not mention the texts one by one but, but discusses what he has noticed or learnt from these individuals. His discussion ranges from the ancient Homer and Plato to Aristotle and Sappho. The author discusses how different these relate to chance, these include: art, nature, and divinity, this is in relation to different artworks from various philosophers. This is a book by the famous Christopher Taylor; he brings out a relationship between the infuriating and engaging figure and the historical Socrates that appears in most of Plato’s dialogues. He goes on and examines the big image in Socrates as a good example of a philosophic life. He emphasizes the influence of Socrates to the development western philosophies, without his play, it would have been a different thing. Socrates just had an influential figure in making advancements in philosophy; he wasn’t an author as well but played a

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