Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cloning Humans essays

Cloning Humans essays As technology advances, new breakthroughs are discovered. With these new developments, serious ethical and moral questions arise. Though there are many advantages of cloning, many religions do not agree with it. Many people say that it is wrong to try and interfere with nature, and that cloning humans is playing God. Some believe that cloning human traits and organs would take away their individual personality and uniqueness. Some may question whether or not it is acceptable into todays society, and the effect it will have on the future population. It seems that in this essay, the author is incorrect about his predicaments on human cloning. In Krauthammers essay, he proves that cloning is the technology of narcissism and nothing satisfies narcissism like immortality, and that headlessness will be clonings crowning achievement(Krauthammer,68). Early in the essay, the author discusses an event where some lab researchers at two universities experimented with some mice and tadpoles and they deleted the gene that produces the head; they died instantly. He argues that there is no point in creating them if they are going to die(Krauthammer,68). The researchers experimented on these mice and tadpoles for a reason; they wanted to learn how genes determine embryo development. Therefore, there is no big deal in creating these headless tadpoles and mice; it is being done for beneficial reasons. The author also informs the readers that we should be panicking because the next thing researchers will be using for their embryo experiments will be humans, and if humans are not conscious, they are not considered persons, so it is legal to keep them alive(Krauthammer,68). There is no need to panic simply because there is nothing to panic about. As long as no one is hurt in the process, then there is no reason why these researchers should not proceed to clone humans. There should b ...

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