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Project Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Project Proposal - Essay Example This project proposal tries to prove the critics wrong and assert that a coffee shop developed in Kuwait can become internationally significant with its line of products. In Kuwait, a US born coffee shop called Starbucks International is among the leading coffee vender shops (Fullerton, 2005). The main advantage held by Starbucks International is the specialty it offers to its customers, making it a unique coffee shop. In essence, for a coffee shop developed in Kuwait to flourish, it has to offer unique services, and this differentiation of products will result in its popularity nationally, and Kuwait being among the top tourist destinations it will eventually gain global recognition. Currently, there are hundreds of coffee shops in Kuwait, which is a challenge to any ambitious individual or group that intends to go into the coffee shop business. Mission The coffee shop company has to set a clear mission that will see it create a humble place, unique enough to ensure comfortable soci alizing of customers, a relaxed environment that is destruction free as they enjoy their coffee (Giovannucci and Ponte, 2005). The company intends to reach out to the world through opening of numerous branches that offer the same services at affordable prices. In addition, it will work towards investment of the profits realized so as to keep faith with its employees and shareholders (Giovannucci and Ponte, 2005) Problem Definition According to Golding and Peattie (2005), going into the coffee shop business will mean that the company comes with suitable strategies to ensure production of quality coffee that is unique from the other coffee shops. Different people have different preferences and tastes; thus, since the company intends to have branches worldwide a study will have to be conducted on coffee preferences and tastes of different people in influential markets. As Fullerton (2005) argues, the task faced is to investigate and come up with ways in which a coffee shop can be devel oped in Kuwait and extend its services across the world. Topic Relevance According to Golding and Peattie (2005:158), Arabs are fond of coffee, which forms a basis for the development of a coffee shop in an Arabic country. In addition, with the current Freedom of Movement, Arabs are all over the world. This does not mean that Arabs are the only target market since many other non-Arabic people love coffee (Holmes, 2004). The coffee shop, once in place, expects to fetch revenue approximating from ?500,000 in the first year of its operation to ?800,000 by the fifth year. According to Holmes (2004), the company will have to maintain its gross profit margin above 50% and maintain reasonable expenditure in its operations for it to achieve these targets. Research Objectives The new coffee shop has its business objectives just like any other business would have (Giovannucci and Ponte, 2005). In its birth year, the company’s expectations are; i. To be named by the customers and/or loc al restaurant guide as the best coffee shop locally. ii. Maintain a gross profit margin that is above 50% so as to realize its profit targets. iii. Realize immediate profits right from the first month of its operation. iv. Capture a local market of over 50,000 people in the first month of

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