Monday, September 2, 2019

Illegal Street Racing Essay -- Descriptive Racing Car Essays

Illegal Street Racing Vivid moonlight, dim city, slight overcast on the noxious night. Cool breeze blows over your sweltering body. Heart racing, sweat pouring, adrenaline pumping through the body like gas through the engine of a car. Body trembling, hands shaking, eyes twitching, foot uneasy as beady eyes observe your every move. Thunderous noise coming from the crowd, situation getting heavier the closer you get to the line. Tension raised to the max as time draws nearer†¦.5-0 no where to be found, time to go. Moment of truth draws near, one hand rises, heartbeat rises with it. Second hand rises, heartbeat rises even more with it. The body tightens up; the mind focuses as you get ready. Hands drop just as fast as your foot drops to the floor. Loud squealing coming from behind you, body is thrown back, scenery passing by, quickly becoming a blur. Hands in a death-grip, body is pulsating, mind is clear, feeling of freedom overcomes. Focus quickly turns to mirror to glance at opponent just as quick as it focuses back. Eyes now focused on goal ahead, body also feeling the closeness of the goal. Embracing of the feeling, then silence†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Triumph, glory comes as the moment ends and the mind and body slowly returns back to normal. Now comes the return to the real world. What you have just experienced is a driver’s perception of an illegal street race. This is done to set a base as to why drivers even do it. Street racers live and thrive for those couple of seconds while racing. It is their way of escape from the world around them. It is their way to get away from their everyday jobs and to do something that they love the most. They are not like the regular people that do average things to get away and escape. ... ... them to find ways to race while a safe supervised place to race will bring in some of the racers but not all of the them. Racing on a track is not the same as racing on the street. The street racing experience is a one of a kind and always will be. Works Cited Amijo, Mark. Pros Want to Curb Illegal Street Racing. 6 Mar. 2004. 28 Mar. 2004 NHRA. Illegal Racing Stats. 2003. 28 Mar. 2004 Rendon, Paul-Mark. â€Å"THE THRILL THAT KILLS.† Maclean's 114.38 (Sept. 17, 2001): 36-39. Academic Search Premier. 28 Mar. 2004 Warner, Fara. Driving; Too Fast. Too Furious. Too Old?. 7 Nov. 2003. 28 Mar. 2004

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