Tuesday, September 17, 2019

President Gerald Ford Essay example -- Biographies

President Gerald Ford Outline I. Introduction II. Early Life III. Presidency IV. Conclusion V. Bibliography Introduction Ford may not be the most important president during his time, but he did more than some presidents did for the people. One of them was raising their spirits and hopes for the people to the government. He helped people gain confidence in their president again after losing confidence with Nixon. He set new records and started getting the United States on its feet again after having a very hard time in the past. He started his presidency with an oath on August 9, 1974 which he said - "Our long national nightmare is over (4, page 422)" which started his presidency. Early Life Ford had a more interesting early life than he had during his presidency. He was born in Omaha Nebraska on July 14, 1913. He wasn't always called Gerald Ford, his original name was Leslie Lynch King Jr. His parents were Leslie and Dorothy King. When his parents got divorced while he was two, his mother married a man named Gerald R. Ford from whom he got his most widely known name. Together, they moved to Grand Rapids Michigan (1, Page 1). During his High School years, he was the most popular Senior having been a great athlete and competing within 5 sports, his best being Football. Being good at Football, he got a M.V.P, a scholarship to Michigan with a Football scholarship and was offered a contract by the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. He finally took a job as assistant Football coach at Yale. While at Yale, he became interested in law and asked to take courses. He was soon invited to learn law in the college and didn't gr... ...cans were at this time. Now Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. now spends the remaining years of his life in California and is an active Republican Member. (4, Page 147) Conclusion As you have read in the above pages, Ford was an important man who has changed history for the good. He might not of done much to make him as famous as other presidents such as Kennedy, Reagan or Abe Lincoln, but he did raise the spirits and sights of many millions of Americans for the Good. Bibliography 1. Prodigy "Ford, Gerald" Grolier Encyclopedia 1992, pp. 1-3 2. Hartmann, Robert T. Palace Politics New York - Robert T. Hartmann Press 1980 3. Carter, Douglas "Power in Washington" Newsweek, November 21, 1966 pp. 29 4. Bumann, Joan and Patterson, John 40 President's Facts Ohio, Willowsip Press 1981

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