Saturday, September 28, 2019

Discussion DB 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion DB 5 - Essay Example Given below are the three products for which the consumer demand has been found decreasing for the recent years. Carbonated soft-drinks Until the recent years, the per capita consumption of carbonated soft-drinks has been increasing at a high speed in the established markets. However, the demographic trends have caused the products to reach at their decline stage. Throughout the established countries, teenagers and youngsters contributed the most part of consumers for soft drinks. The decline of popularity in these countries can also be attributed to the decreasing birth rates and ageing populations, for the condition would reduce the demand for the carbonated soft-drink products. The number of people most likely to consume carbonated soft-drink products declined to a very low level in the established markets. Another important problem is the society’s increased focus on â€Å"health and fitness, well-being, and their anxiety about obesity†; for example, Coca-Cola has b ecome the victim of this phenomenon recently (â€Å"Coca-cola innovates†, 2010). Toilet soaps The consumer demand for the toilet soaps has gone down to its lowest point. Firms find it difficult to move their toilet products, especially soaps out of the market.

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