Saturday, September 7, 2019

Collaborative Learning in E-learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Collaborative Learning in E-learning - Essay Example In order to ensure that collaborative learning is effective, asynchronous online discussions have been perceived as an efficient way for learners to participate in high quality discussion and intrinsic cognitive collaboration. This is because asynchronous online discussion gives learners enough time to reflect on their friend’s findings and contribution and reason about their own contributions before sending them off to their friends. Collaborative learning looks forward in fostering the argumentative quality discussions among learners in order to improve personal knowledge acquisition. In order to ensure efficiency of the collaborative learning, it is significant to apply additional instructional direction, which may assist learners to use the advantages of asynchronous communication or interaction for argumentative knowledge acquisition. For instance, knowledge construction via collaborative discussion is vital since collaboration methods sequence, define, and assign learnin g activities to distinct learners and can in turn facilitate activities such as construction of arguments during discussions. Collaborative learning in E-learning is rooted in constructivism. It intensively focuses on how productive peer collaboration can be stimulated and sustained in computer-mediated environments and how these collaborative activities facilitate learning. The use of Computers in learning will aid in providing sentence openers to ESL students, software-embedded collaboration scripts and representational guidance in order to improve the quality of online argumentation or moderation among students. In order to make collaborative learning effective, ESL students are encouraged to meet in groups. This increase explicitness due to persistence of textual messages on computer screen, more defined in expressing arguments due to lack of nonverbal communication

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