Friday, July 19, 2019

Sparta, not Athens, won the war against Persia Essay -- History

The Greek victory against Persia was largely due to efforts of mainly Athens but also Sparta as well. Athens was responsible for the major turning points of the Persian invasions, while Sparta was responsible for the deciding battle. Miltiades, with his skilful battle strategies, defeated the Persians during their second invasion at Marathon, which gave Athens a confidence boost on their military. During the third invasion, when the Athenians were evacuated to Salamis, Themistocles had devised a plan to trick the Persians which had resulted in Persian army without a supply line. Sparta?s importance had revealed during their sacrifice at Thermopylae and at Plataea, where they provided the most effective part of the army. Athens was an important contributor to the Persian wars. Its tremendous naval power along with their smart and innovative leaders, Miltiades and Themistocles, brought victory in situations which had thought to be impossible. An example of this is the battle at Marathon during the second invasion. The Athenians met the Persian?s large army among the hills, where their cavalry would ineffective, which was their strongest quality. Miltiades, informed by some Ionians that the Persian cavalry was absent, convinced Callimachus to strike. The battle had resulted in a win for Athens, without the help of Sparta and showed the superiority of the Greek hoplites compared to their Persian counterparts. Miltiades, knowing that the Persian?s strongest troops were placed in the middle and absence of cavalry, devised a strategy to encircle their enemy by strengthening their wings. This strategy is what brought victory, and in turn, was a moral victory for the Athens and eradicated the impression that Persians were unbeatable. Th... ...he Persian army, which gave way for the Spartans to shine at Plataea. So without the Athenian naval ships fighting, the war would have been lost as the Greek superior hoplites would have been outweighed by the incredible numbers of the Persians. The war against the Persians was won by both the efforts of Athens and Sparta, but the contribution made by Athens was much more important. The battles at Marathon and Salamis showed that Athens was not second place to Sparta and was capable of holding up their end of the battle. Sparta?s strength and honor as warriors was also an asset as it helped the battle at Plataea run smoothly for the Greeks. However, Athens efforts in the war were much more vital to the victory than Sparta as their victory at Salamis turn the whole war around, which only then gave a chance for Sparta to finally show their ability as fine warriors.

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