Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Documentary Cinema Response Journals Movie Review

Documentary Cinema Response Journals - Movie Review Example Glass (1958) was a short documentary film of the Netherlands, which was directed by Bert Haanstra who was a Dutch director.The main plot of the film surrounded the glass industry of Netherlands. The film was allowed its viewers to reciprocate with handmade crystals of Dutch society, in contrary to the machine made a portion of Royal Leerdam Glass Factory with automated machines that facilitated bottle making. Haanstra’s strong stylistic interventions depicted the film through a polemical space. He has used essential origins of film language, which includes the image, sounds, and montage. My point of view regarding the documentary was largely focused on a diversified range of music jazz to techno. In the short segment of time in this documentary, artisans created various glass goods by their own hands and added up to the mass production of diversified glass product of Netherlands. According to the viewers, this short documentary film often acclaimed to be a perfect short docume ntary that successfully spun around the subject and aligned the overall basic plot of the movie. The House is Black (1962) was an Iranian short documentary film, directed by Forough Farrokhzad. The film reflected on the other side of life and suffering in a leper colony as well as focused on the human condition in reflection to the beauty of creation that has been depicted in the documentary. The director Farrokhzad, used some quotation from the Old Testament, as well as Quran along with her own poetry. This poetic feel gave this film a versatile dimension that was absent in the other similar types of documentary films. The artistic views of the poet also reflected from the unique selection of the name of the film that was aligned with the needs of the subject. The documentary based on the story of the â€Å"Behkadeh Rail colony†. The director has directed only one film throughout her life. Additionally, this particular film has been successful in developing an attention outside Iran, after its release, the film was successfully recognized as a milestone of Iranian film Industry. Many of

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