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John Blackthron, I, Che Guevara Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

John Blackthron, I, Che Guevara - Essay Example The man was presumed dead since 1967. They said that the man might actually be the martyr Ernesto Che Guevara. His campaign trail was mainly focused on converting illiterate peasants to the revolutionary political philosophy of the True Republic. After the short appearance of Ernesto, Castro’s power finally relinquishes as he steps down from power in exchange of Cuba’s recognition from the United States. Another mission was also to lift the crippling embargo. In order to have U.S diplomatic recognition and to remove all embargoes and sanctions, he had to allow free elections and step down from his official position. After this, two traditional parties formed quickly. These include the Communist Party from one side and the U.S and Mafia backing Cuban exiles on the other. The bargain was accepted, and the communists left the Mafia backed exiles square off the presidential elections. Then came a bitter rivalry of the political titans but as soon as the new party, True Repu blic, was introduced things started to change. Che, though he did not admit to the name, started to gain popularity. The True Republic movement spread rapidly throughout Cuba that each person from every side devised plots to get rid of Ernesto Blanco. The left, the right and fumbling White House started groping on the quick spreading rumors that Guevara is back, and they all tried to get rid of him in every possible way. This included manipulation, treachery, threats, intimidation, bribery; media pay-offs and even assassination attempts. Despite the efforts by the rivals to get rid of Che, he was able to achieve unstoppable momentum to put a stop to the revolution. Che’s spirit of governing oneself gave him grassroots drive to populist local self-determination to his missions. The book tries to speculate Cuba’s future through the early retirement of the President Fidel Castro and the return of the man who appeared after his alleged death and began to draw attention to the various provinces of Cuba. Facilitated by the efforts of two women, a journalist and an assassin, the movement captured a lot of the world’s attention. In the back cover of the book, there is an interesting opinion about the author â€Å"John Blackthorn is the pseudonym of political figure whose name is well known in international capitals and intelligence circles† (Blackthorn) This can only mean that John’s work is outstanding and excellent. In my opinion, John writes from his inner passion and skill. This is so b ecause he is well knowledgeable about Cuba through his American-Latin citizenship. The book has been able to show a clear view of the much-illuminated social, political, and economic realities of the government. I think the author’s intentions were to assist in greater understanding of politics and socioeconomic factors of a society with an aim of molding great leaders and thinkers. Blackthorn wanted to show the forces that Cuba had to contend with and the uprisings. He also wanted to bring about the idea of Marxism and communism. John Blackthorns is a former senator and two-time presidential candidate whose public career came to a halt after a sex scandal in 1987. He is now a lawyer especially in international law. The book made him travel several times to Cuba usually to convey messages unofficially between Fidel Castro and the Clinton administration. Other works done by John Blackthorn include Sins of the Fathers, which was also a non-fictional book. The fact that Ernesto re-appeared years later after the

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