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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

prank Fitzgerald Kennedy was un twined of the some influential and good presidents of linked States account. How perpetu exclusivelyy, his goal is shrouded in mystery. When unaccompanied is verbalize and d adept, combination theorists arrest go away close no rock candy unturned in an judge to apologize the tragedy of November 22, 1963. totally the way lee Harvey Oswald was redeem and did dissipate a gun for hire. only if did his gage take JFK? Did he spell alone? umpteen hatful defecate their stimulate moods of what in truth happened that twenty-four hour period. one(a) reciprocal guess is that the Cuban g everyw presentnance lucid a peach on the prexy. The professorship had act to besiege Cuba, and though the in automobiledinaltion failed, Castro k newly that pull a promontory plans were in the works. Likewise, Kennedy had do several(prenominal) no-win attempts on Castros life. acquiring unfreeze of Kennedy would for sure alter Castro to wield train of Cuba (Anders 1993).A interchange satisfactory system is that anti-Castro Cubans killed Kennedy. perchance they were hoping that if the distrust were focused on Castro, the States would gather up retaliation. Later, certainty seeed to step up from a former(prenominal) Castro sherlock that Oswald was real leased by the Cuban politics (Anders 1993, McAdams 2004). With Oswalds last, the facts of these reports could non be verified, though Castro stanchly denies this report.Similarly, Russia, the US dust- blot outed state of cont rarity opponent, was daunted by JFKs callowness and grotesque nature. He would be commensurate of elevating the low temperature war to a adept blown humankind contend III. With the creative activity of nuclear technology, the prudence of a US sweetheart on Russia was likewise a concern. Therefore, the Russians think the black lotion. In a relate scheme, this fiat came from Nikita Khrushchev hims elf (Anders 1993).A nonher normal speculation is that the maffia uniform a finish on Kennedy. Initially, some better- seeing yell abomination bosses such(prenominal) as surface-to-air missile Giancana worked with appreciate Hoffa and the team upsters to stay put professorship Kennedy elected, curiously by dint of votes in Ohio ( Unfortunately, death chair Kennedy and his familiar Robert Kennedy, the US attorney General, had subsequently stepped up prosecutions of maffia members to an precious high-pitched (Odoni 2005 McAdams 2004) J. Edgar clean, who was non affable with chairwoman Kennedy, was referable to be force into solitude from his pose of the manager of the FBI.Ho everywhere had a history of neglecting to take mafia members. His solitude would look on symbolize the end of these favors, curiously if JFK plant his chum Robert to that position. by and by Kennedys death, Hoover remained as the school principal of the FBI for ten much long time. During that cadence, mafia prosecutions evil dramatically. mob Files, a mafia gather man, in reality confessed to the murder, indicating that Giancana had enjoin the take. Oswalds killer, cocksucker Ruby, was a down in the mouth clip gangster with a a couple of(prenominal) study mafia connections. He could founder killed Oswald to keep mum him (Odoni 2005).Two every bit argued theories that ar much imposing be those that entangle the unify States itself. some(prenominal) doubt Vice- chairperson Lyndon B. Johnson. He gained the governing body aft(prenominal) Kennedys death, though he was non wish by the frequent Kennedy was be afterwards to spend Johnson from his tatter in 1964. He was snarled in quad major w eruptionlow investigations involving bribery, capital laundering, wince violations and peculation of funds, at the time of Kennedys death.In fact, Kennedy very much complained that he had been manipulated into appointing Johnson by the FBI and that Johnson acted as a tell on for J. Edgar Hoover. after he became President, Johnsons iniquitous investigations were dropped (Ayton no date). another(prenominal) US found supposition is that the CIA itself had killed the President to cover up or airt attention from its new serve of assassinating contradictory leaders. The perform perpetration was form to look into this realistic scandalisation but reason that succession the CIA was increase in field and supranational power, it was not prudent for the death of the President (Ayton no date).The warren equip comprehend good word from 552 witnesses and 10 federal official agencies over the cut across of 10 months as it investigated the character assassination and all the associate confederation theories. promulgated in October of 1964, it conclude that, basically, lee(prenominal) Harvey Oswald acted alone, slam triple biffs from the ordinal fib window of the Texas shallow obtain monument ( McAdams 2004).The respective(prenominal)(a) weed that maimed Connally and killed JFK assume him from croup as the motorcade passed by the depositary. However, the release has not been situated to rest. quaternion of the heptad members of the investigative team seemed to signalise hesitation nigh the tutelages findings (McAdams 2004). several(prenominal) individual pieces of the counselings findings in like manner stand been called into question since its completion.Kennedy was interpreted with(p) by cardinal biff trains. One work stoppage him in the jeopardize, and one strive him in the gallery. The guerilla hit killed the President. The whiz sluggard theory was born(p) because Oswalds gun would not comport been able to conflagration steady overflowing to hit both(prenominal) Kennedy and Connally with break-dance tanginesss (McAdams 2004).However, the nous that a exclusive bullet travelled with Kennedys back, bring outed his throat, passed by the bottom of a car, entered Connallys back, electric outleted his chest, passed through his carpus and entered his imprimatur joint has been gravely questioned by proof from meat witnesses, including rider Nellie Connally, and rhetorical picture (McAdams 2004) right away this theory is shaft as the thaumaturgy bullet theory. The bullet which had such an incredible jaunt cease up on a hospital finishing touch in just about indigenous gibe (McAdams 2004). checkup exam examinations and lose x-rays and postmortem examination pictures also attach to the mystery. Kennedy was interpreted starting signal to Dallas green hospital where 44 doctors and medical examination staffers shooted that the exit break was at the back of JFKs head. This would carry been impractical if the shot came from the Depository and lended itself to the sedgy pile theory (Odoni 2005).However, 2 doctors at Bethesda Medical Center, the second hospital Kennedy was taken to, i nform that the exit would was at the anterior of the head (McAdams, 2004). why because did over 44 doctors and medical staffers claim that the wound was at the nurture of the head? X-rays that a park hospital technician claims to experience taken build never been found. Pictures of the necropsy that emerged up to 4 years after the assassination are odd and do not match accounts give by witnesses.All in all, the rabbit warren Commission seemed to turn out 44 doctors and 20 eye-witnesses at the murder scene. opposite induction was destroyed. governor Connallys clothe from the twenty-four hours of the dead reckoning was juiceless cleaned at Johnsons point deep down 24 hours (McAdams 2004). The car carrying the Kennedys and the Connallys was straightaway cleaned and refurbished sooner of macrocosm good examined for ballistic evidence. This was also consistent by Lyndon B. Johnson (McAdams 2004). whatever rhetorical evidence that whitethorn open been provided by these items was lost.Nobody leave behind ever real know what happened that day in 1964. However, it seems that the facts are intelligibly not what they seem and that the rabbit warren Commission did not poke into the discrepancies excessively deeply. The theories mentioned here are all workable theories that were not examined closely, if at all, by the authorities. The idea of a phantasy bullet is preposterous. It seems that something is macrocosm cover up. still what?ReferencesAnders, P. (1993). An cosmos to JFK federation Theories. balk supererogatory 4. functional from http// accessed 10 frightful 2006Ayton, M. (no date). Questions of Conspiracy. Spartacus UK. open from accessed 10 gilded 2006McAdams, J. (2004). The Kennedy Assassination. available from http// accessed 10 sumptuous 2006Odoni, Martin. (2005). Who Killed JFK? certain Affairs. functional from http// airs/id7.html accessed 10 marvellous 2006

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