Thursday, July 25, 2019

Analysis of Dear White People Movie Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Dear White People Movie - Assignment Example The movie depicts that he smokes weed and hides from his girlfriend and everyone. Later on, he loses his presidency in the house and another black student who is the main character of the movie becomes the new president of the house. Her name is Samantha; she works for the school’s radio channel. She has a subscriber who is a white kid in the college. Samantha has a very major role in the presidency but she fails to do much for the black kids. For example, she kicked out everyone from the dining room except white people. She makes the black people live and eat alone. However, there is one black guy, who is Lionel Huggins. He was living in the school president son’s house but there the white kids were not nice to him. They used to keep him out while having a party. He complained about the situation to the dean of the school that belongs to the black community. Black community starts to protest for their rights and they fought hard. One black girl named Colandrea Conners who is pet named as coco posted lots of videos but failed to get subscribers. But later she starts posting jokes about how white people joked about blacks. She even started to do joke about black people and got more subscribers. She made a deal with president son’s to organize a big party and she invited everyone. However, president of the school said no party can be organized. She invited everyone and a big party takes place. However white people at the party wear costumes that made them look like blacks. They have black hair, chains, all loopy clothes, black masks and act like they are black. The party becomes wild and coco was going crazy about the party. Later Lionel comes to the party with other people and starts acting crazy and goes to meet Troy.

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