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Service Operations Management2014 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Service Operations Management2014 - Essay ExampleTo this end, the paper will make pulmonary tuberculosis of developmental strategies espoused by Cooper and Kleinschmidt (2011) as being integral to launching a product or a business unit in every market. These concepts include defining the target market, identifying the needs, preference and wants of the potential customer, as well(p) as defining the product and/or business concept, its specifications and requirements, in an adequate and accept satisfactory manner.In order to be able to maximize sales, it is important that we understand the nature of the target customer, more so their preference and desires. Through this, the business is able to establish the existence of a potent customer base as well as learn how to render the service or product in the best way that meets the needs of the customers. In addition, the business is able to develop appropriate marketing strategies capable of reaching the customer base as well as ways of improving the delivery of the marketing strategies (Neelankavil and Rai, 2014). Availing information on the service package on the opposite hand enables the business to define the several(predicate) services bundles ranging from supporting facility to facilitating goods, explicit to implicit services, and their impacts on the wellbeing of the business.For years, the target market for fast food businesses has been the young generation. This is so because the young slew have an insatiable appetite for good food available on the go. This group also forms the largest of our target market for this business, and in addition to which we are introducing other food that appeal to the elderly as well. This diversification is aimed at reaching out to a larger market segment in order to underwrite quantifiable sales at the onset of the business, and to lay ground for our brand identification as an all-inclusive one. Shenkar, Luo and Chi (2014) advance that focusing on a younger market segm ent is important to the success of a business as it allows the business to

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