Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cultural Immersion Experience Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cultural Immersion Experience - Assignment ExampleFrom the rich ethnic Diversity at Sparks Hall, I observed an raise aspect. People of extremely different diversities and races worked together harmoniously and seemed to get along well despite their differences. I also observed that people were allowed to exercise their beliefs and tastes in fashion or code of dressing unlike in the previous case where there were conservative norms of dressing and fashion. Importantly, I observed increased valuation reserve and respect for ad hominem beliefs and values though these personal beliefs were not much integrated in the workplace. There seemed to be set codes of conduct that each employee had to wedge to in the workplace. The group had a norm of not interfering with others personal lives as no instance was noted where employees crashed over personal issues. However, most of those whom I noted to be from the Asian origin seemed to enjoy a conservative company and dialogue with each other compared to interacting more with others.I did interact with some of them slightly just to understand what goes on in the place. I was involved in short conversations with several employees on general issues regarding their fooling work to note how they interacted with persons of different ethnic diversities I was from a different race compare to other employees at Sparks Hall. Through the short conversations, I was subject to note how they interacted with different ethnic people, as they were volition to participate in the conversation and even to answer my questions.The group was very receptive and even do a few jokes with me to welcome me at Sparks Hall. They were particularly interested in knowing much about where I come from, how I could compare aliveness at my home place to Murray State University community, and how best I was fairing. Regardless of gender, most of the native people seemed to enjoy the rich ethnic diversity and willing to welcome even more to their group. At first I was nervous

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