Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Business Name Development, Domains, Website Plan Essay - 1

Business Name Development, Domains, Website Plan - Essay ExampleFollowing is a list of some possible business names and domain names for our business. There are a number of network technologies that one would use for their websites. However, the quality would depend on the type of business and the simplicity of the technology as well as cost implications. Any business would opt for the best web technology but at the same time will be cautious to spend the little amount of money possible as this would be an essential to the overall profitability of the business. Businesses aim at making maximum possible profits and hence they have to reduce spending as some(prenominal) as they can. For the case of the business in question here, the most favorable web technology would be WordPress. This is due to the fact that it is easy to use. It is cheap and one can be able to update the site without necessarily having to engage a web designer who would charge a fee for the service. This, therefo re, helps the business to present money and time. The fact that one can use WordPress and administer it without involving a third party means that the business will be safe as there are no risks of losing the site due to inconveniences that may be associated with the server. Through WordPress, one has access to any plugin that they may require for their business. It has also a good orientation with the social media and hence it is easy to integrate it with any social site. This makes it accessible to more people. In addition, WordPress has many themes that one can remove from for their business. The themes are pre-designed and can be easily uploaded to the business website.The content to be included on the site depends on the main objectives of creating the website. This being a website for a business, the content should be e-commerce.

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