Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Peer pressure Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Peer pressure - Assignment Example This pressure is not physical pressure or coercion. A person is just compelled to do what the peer group is doing. This happens on a subliminal level and the person feels compelled to join the act even if he or she disagrees. It is a form of persuasion but the person performs the act unwillingly. This phenomenon comes in many forms and mostly teenage students fall prey to this. They do stuff which their friends are doing just for social acceptance. They personally are not willing to do the act but they are mentally forced. People with weak personalities are more susceptible to peer pressure. They quickly give in to pressure of social groups because they want to be the part of them. Smoking is something that is mostly done under peer pressure. The problem with peer pressure is that it comes in a very subtle form. Smoking is an addictive behavior so it just needs a trigger. After a few times the person gets used to smoking and this is one of dangers of peer pressure. The dangers of peer pressure also extend to other forms of addictions and attitudes or actions. Peer pressure is not limited to schools and teenagers. The human need of social acceptance is great. We get in groups because we want to protect ourselves. In groups we feel a sense of protection. Human beings try to hide in groups because they are afraid their deficiencies are disclosed in front of others. The influence of positive remarks or social acceptance is great on human psychology. It raises our self esteem and makes us believe in ourselves. A few positive comments about shoes or clothes can make our day and bad comments are not appreciated by anyone. Why do we behave in such a manner? We do so because we like being liked. We want our friend around us to love us. We want attention and this is another reason why we feel prey to peer pressure. We usually spend our time with different groups and sub groups like family, friends and office

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