Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Organizational Stress and Violence Literature review

Organizational Stress and Violence - Literature review Example In the Literature review, an idea was taken regarding the concept of stress management prevalent in the UAE. Besides, the causes and the impact of stress on police personals were also closely studied.   The paper aimed at finding out the relationship between labor productivity and the stress experienced by them. In order to reach an inference, studies were conducted in well over 20 multinational firms based in the United Kingdom. The appropriate research methodology was chosen for the study and the analysis reflects the use of stress management techniques in organizations. The quantitative regression analysis reflected positive results and showed that the use of effective stress management techniques benefits the organization considerably and helps to improve the overall productivity of the organization. The ideas of different stress management techniques were closely studied for the purpose and their benefits associated with raising the productivity were closely surveyed. To reach the conclusion a huge number of data collections were done which was a major part of the research work and their simultaneous analysis was done critically and minutely. Though positive results were derived from the research work still the research work was accompanied by a lot of limitations in the overall process. The definition of Stress has been debated over the years. The most accepted definition however framed defines stress as the undesirable and poor reactions which people exhibit when the excess amount of pressure and demands is exerted upon them. It is the general reaction which people reflects when they do not have the ability to cope with the demands. The common symptoms which reflect that a person is suffering from stress include insomnia, changes in behavior and increased addiction towards alcohol and drugs. In the case of work-related stress, the symptoms exhibited are different such as exhaustion and depressions. (Feilder, Lewis & Yarker, 2011) In the present business environment, the business exerts substantial pressures on the employees to utilize most of their productivity. However, sometimes the level of pressure becomes too excessive for the clients and gives rise to stress. The main reasons for stress which are encountered by the employees in their workplace are mentioned b elow.

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