Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Kirt AchenbachSOC 168Exam 2Question 1a)Conley doesnt think that African Americans snobbish shoes doesnt fit well in Americas meritocracy because its not worth much. There arent m either things that poor African American families own that give them weight in the wealth department. As far as the ethos side of things African Americans that live in poor areas have this prohibit serotype that goes along with them, that hurts them bridge the gap between black and whites. So when you are an African American family thats not very well off chances is that the private property that you own isnt worth much, which in turn doesnt give you very much net worth.b)African American finds it hard to corrupt a home in a racially integrated Neighborhood because the housing values are higher in these areas. When there is a confection of black and whites there seems to be an increase in housing costs. Once there are African Americans moving into these areas the market begins to go down and amuse in t hese properties begin to drop and real-estate values go down. Once this happens to people, in particular white people, begin to move come on because they dont privation to lose money. When that happens then the neighborhood completely tips and integration stops. Conley talks about a way to keep this from happening by introducing Integration Insurance, which would insure against any price changes or any devaluation in the real estate as a result of racial composition.c)Conley says that African American are much slight likely to invest their money in the stock market, an those who do will generally get less of a return on their money because they started out with less. He also says that given the run in recent stock market prices that if blacks were... ...n the policy areas of the book. She believes that some of his explanations of statistical results lack luster. For example Conley says that beingness a female has a significant and detrimental effect on employment, hours worked, and wages. Hargis argues is point and that Conley fails to fully address how womens disadvantage position in a workplace contributes to the familys ability to accumulate wealth. She also says And when Conley finds that African Americans work fewer hours, yet make higher wages than similarly placed full-time-employed whites, he tries to reconcile these seemingly incongruent findings in the simplest of terms( She is basically saying the Conley hasnt looked at all the scenarios in which African Americans make money, and he insinuates that African Americans money disadvantages is a direct result of affirmative action policies.

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