Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Language and masculinity The art of communication was perpetually dominated by the innovations happened in the art of language. The human race has always been communicating among itself and formed various societies, developed relationships, brought new ideas etc. Language was utilized to define the sexuality, the culture, the social aspect and it all happened in terms of gender. The laterality of the masculine gender through the utilization of the language was always known to the mankind. The male population receives power by dictating certain social norms. The masculinity is a part of the male gender and in terms of linguistics it conveys masculinity with great power and force. According to some philosophers the males unjustly and deliberately construct such a society which is male-centered and it caters to the supremacy of the masculinity described above. It bequeath be interesting to find the relation among language, masculinity and gender. If we discuss it any further we wi ll find out that throughout the history it was the human race which has brought innovation to the language. Language was used to gain power with the use of male power. As a result the language was also used to dictate social norms. They also became successful in gaining the womens cooperation by using the power of masculine language. round of the scholars assume that language is visible and it exists in this form without any doubt. They also further assume that language can be compared with some other forms of visual phenomenon. In this regard the linguistic analysis is in fact a kind of perception of visual way. In other way one can fulfil the language and in particular in its treatment of grammar. In Language and Masculinity, Victor Seidler writes, Oppressed peopl... ...on which you will appear has been asked to discuss Victor Seidlers Language and Masculinity and Maxine Hong Kingstons No Name Woman. You are to present and defend the ideas and observations of one writer a gainst the ideas and observations of the other writer. You may choose to argue that your writers ideas prove or disprove the ideas of the other writer, but in either case you will be expected to defend your own claim with quotes and examples from your writers text. In building your case, you should consider how your opponents will answer with specific quotes or examples that might contradict your argument. You should then build a counter-defense into your own conclusions nearly how gender, language, and power are related in your writers essay and about how that relationship stands with or against the basic concepts of the other writers essay. References

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