Thursday, February 20, 2020

Leadership Course Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership Course - Assignment Example It should be noted that all these posts are about leadership. Patti Besuner notes that the leadership course reinforced ethical responsibilities especially in line with moral leadership (Cameron, 2012). It is a fact that leaders should be morally upright and responsible since they usually tend to be role models to numerous personalities in the society. Therefore, according to Besuner, â€Å"A leader must care about and demonstrate concern for employees if optimal organizational productivity is to be achieved†. It is worth noting that Besuner leadership knowledge was geared to reflect how an organization, employees, society, and a nation should relate (Brammer, Jackson, & Mattens, 2012). Notably, this concern is vital since each of these groups must be answerable to another for effective, efficient, and smooth coexistence. From this post, it is apparent the leader acknowledged the roles of effective leadership as being effective for the coexistence of human being within a socie tal setup. Jones’ first post concentrated on the understanding of different aspects of leadership. He notes that leadership has ever been described in different concepts that lead to different types of leadership. For instance, Susan D. DeVore’s to leadership skills in the healthcare industry and to the same effect she is the current premier healthcare alliance CEO and president. Jones noted that DeVore has effective leadership skills that include transformation, system thinking, and collaborative techniques.

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